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Social Justice

The Women's Debate Institute, Board Member

The WDI's mission is to advocate for and facilitate a more gender-inclusive environment that advances educational and professional opportunities for marginalized gender identities. We continue to fulfill this mission with our constant expansion of programming and resources. 

Woman's Debate Team

The Social Justice and Equity Committee, Member & Former Co-Chair

Western Washington University’s Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC) is committed to engaging faculty, staff, students and community members in the ongoing examination and reflection needed to create essential transformations in the academic policies, practices, and behaviors that result in inequity, exclusion, and social injustices at WWU. The SJEC is comprised of a main governance committee with 17 voting members, including two co-chairs, and three officer/stewards. Under the main committee are three interrelated and interdependent sub-committees—the Faculty Diversity and Social Justice Awards Committee, the Campus-Wide Dialogs Committee and the Faculty Learning Labs Committee.

Social Justice and Equity Committee
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